Discover how to bring BALANCE back to your mind, body & spirit the natural way

with Vikki Ede | Nutritional Therapist | Emotional Aromatherapy Adviser | Crystal Healing Practitioner

 Vikki's  Mission

"My mission is to connect with people and help them improve their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health using a combination of non-intrusive metaphysical and traditional holistic modalities to address the root cause rather than just the symptoms, of ailments and dis-ease you might be dealing with."

Taking a UNIQUE approach to wellbeing

This unique approach can be used to, reset your mood, relieve anxiety, reduce stress, release excess weight & restore quality sleep. I also specialise in supporting women transitioning through menopause to alleviate any symptoms and thrive through this stage.

I aim to help you balance mind, body and spirit  so that you can relax and rediscover emotional, physical and spiritual harmony.

By working with a variety of tools including crystals, essential oils, nutrition and intuition, I am able to tailor a healing therapy specific to your needs.

 ABOUT  Vikki Ede

Soothe Your Creator

Vikki Ede is a qualified Nutritional Therapist, Personal Trainer, Emotional Aromatherapy Adviser and Crystal Healing Practitioner.

Over the past 5 years Vikki’s interests have expanded to incorporate the power of the mind and spirit for living a healthy and fulfilling life too.

Over the past 29 years working in health and wellbeing across the private, public and voluntary sector, she has shown ongoing passion and a commitment to health promotion and disease prevention.   

My Offerings

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